The Kingdom of God

“But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”. Matthew 6:33

What is the Kingdom of God?

There were some misconceptions of the Kingdom of God in the church. For example, the Greek church (orthodox) acknowledges a political monarch to be its spiritual head and the Anglican church has a secular crown for its bishop to be the defender of its faith. Christians even thought that by inserting the name “Christ” in its nation’s constitution, God’s kingdom will come to them at last. Christians have also identified the Kingdom of God with the church of men or even their church denomination as the kingdom.

In Matthew 20:28, Jesus rebukes His disciples by again teaching them about the nature of His Kingdom.It is as though He said;”I have kingdom but not a kingdom of politics, it is a kingdom of brotherhood.Ï have an aristocracy,but not of is my aristocracy of service. I have a House of Lords, it is not a house of noble men, it is my house of equal brothers and peers.

Jesus was not content with just talking and teaching about the Kingdom of God, He illustrated it by washing the legs of the disciples (John13:1 to 17). He used the “feet-washing” lesson to teach them the truth that He, being the King of Kings stooped to be the servant of others.

The Kingdom of God is heavenly in its origin, the purpose is to restore disloyal man back to his true loyaly. Its subjects are sons of God.The gateway (entrance) to the Kingdom is not through the will of flesh but by being born again in Christ. Its laws are not ordinances but principles that we can apply in our lives. Its priviledges for those who entered into the Kingdom is to be heirs and co heirs with Christ. The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Heaven.

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