National Day

Today, we celebrate my country, Singapore’s 53rd National Day. On 9th Aug 1965, Singapore gain its independence from Malaysia after joining the Malaysian Federation in 1963.

Singapore, an island country state,located on the extreme south of the Malaysian Pennisula. was a sleepy fishing village back in the 1800s. It was known as Temasek in the 15th century when it was discovered by the Sumatran prince, Sangnila Utama.

It was a triving trading port but it was destroyed when war broke out between the Indonesian kingdoms. However in 1819, it became a British colony and outpost when Sir Stamford Raffles of the British East India company founded the city. The British built the infrastructure and developed Singapore into a major seaport in the Far East.

On 9th Aug 1965, Singapore became an independent state when it broke off from the Malaysian Federation. Mr Lee Kuan Yew became our first prime minister. Under the leadership of Mr Lee and his team of cabinet ministers, Singapore grew from an improvish state to a world class cosmopolitan city state. May the Lord bless our country in the many years to come…

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