Implications of repealing the Section 377A of the Penal Code of Singapore


Last week, a Singaporean proposed to repeal the Section 377A of the Penal Code of Singapore. On surface, it looks normal and logical since the penal code was there for a long time and we seldom refer to this part of the law in Singapore. You may say; “What is so wrong if we repeal the Section 377A so that the LGBT community will have more rights and freedom?”

The implications of repealing the Penal code 377A are many.

If the law is canceled, it means that a gay person can get married to a same sex partner legally. They can apply for a new HDB (Housing Development Board of Singapore) apartment at subsidized rates just like any other Singaporean. Toilets will have no “Male” or “Female” signs on it. It will be gender neutral. Any man can go into the same female toilet as your wife or daughter goes. Your loved ones will be at risk of these perverts.

If your are a justice of peace or a church pastor and your refused to officiate a gay marriage, your can be jailed as it is against the law. As a business owner of a bakery or a florist shop, your will risk being sue and thrown to the jail if your refuse to do business with a gay person.

In the United States, small businesses are being sued, bankrupted and given death threats for not providing services for gay marriages. Instead of respecting someone’s religious values, the LGBTQ movement will sue these tiny businesses till they are bankrupted. Schools are indoctrinating students and educating them on gay rights. Schools are also being sued for not allowing kids to choose which toilet they want to use. The State of California tried to outlaw religious institutions from dealing with gender and gay issues. It affected counselors from given useful advice to those in need.

The LGBTQ movement is militant in nature. There are massive implications once they get the rights to marry. George Soros, the richest man in the world is a high advocate and supporter of the movement. The movement has deep pockets to sue institutions and governments. They will stop at nothing to punish those who dare to stand the ground. We need to consider all the implications instead of buying into the myths about equal rights to many for the LGBTQ.

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