Implications of repealing the Section 377A of the Penal Code of Singapore


Last week, a Singaporean proposed to repeal the Section 377A of the Penal Code of Singapore. On surface, it looks normal and logical since the penal code was there for a long time and we seldom refer to this part of the law in Singapore. You may say; “What is so wrong if we repeal the Section 377A so that the LGBT community will have more rights and freedom?”

The implications of repealing the Penal code 377A are many.

If the law is canceled, it means that a gay person can get married to a same sex partner legally. They can apply for a new HDB (Housing Development Board of Singapore) apartment at subsidized rates just like any other Singaporean. Toilets will have no “Male” or “Female” signs on it. It will be gender neutral. Any man can go into the same female toilet as your wife or daughter goes. Your loved ones will be at risk of these perverts.

If your are a justice of peace or a church pastor and your refused to officiate a gay marriage, your can be jailed as it is against the law. As a business owner of a bakery or a florist shop, your will risk being sue and thrown to the jail if your refuse to do business with a gay person.

In the United States, small businesses are being sued, bankrupted and given death threats for not providing services for gay marriages. Instead of respecting someone’s religious values, the LGBTQ movement will sue these tiny businesses till they are bankrupted. Schools are indoctrinating students and educating them on gay rights. Schools are also being sued for not allowing kids to choose which toilet they want to use. The State of California tried to outlaw religious institutions from dealing with gender and gay issues. It affected counselors from given useful advice to those in need.

The LGBTQ movement is militant in nature. There are massive implications once they get the rights to marry. George Soros, the richest man in the world is a high advocate and supporter of the movement. The movement has deep pockets to sue institutions and governments. They will stop at nothing to punish those who dare to stand the ground. We need to consider all the implications instead of buying into the myths about equal rights to many for the LGBTQ.

National Day

Today, we celebrate my country, Singapore’s 53rd National Day. On 9th Aug 1965, Singapore gain its independence from Malaysia after joining the Malaysian Federation in 1963.

Singapore, an island country state,located on the extreme south of the Malaysian Pennisula. was a sleepy fishing village back in the 1800s. It was known as Temasek in the 15th century when it was discovered by the Sumatran prince, Sangnila Utama.

It was a triving trading port but it was destroyed when war broke out between the Indonesian kingdoms. However in 1819, it became a British colony and outpost when Sir Stamford Raffles of the British East India company founded the city. The British built the infrastructure and developed Singapore into a major seaport in the Far East.

On 9th Aug 1965, Singapore became an independent state when it broke off from the Malaysian Federation. Mr Lee Kuan Yew became our first prime minister. Under the leadership of Mr Lee and his team of cabinet ministers, Singapore grew from an improvish state to a world class cosmopolitan city state. May the Lord bless our country in the many years to come…

Medical cost in Singapore

The cost of living in Singapore is becoming more and more expensive now.The monthly utility bill -SP Power (electricity,water & gas)for a 4 room HDB apartment used to be about s$200.Recently, it have been increased to $300 plus.Probably the next increase will be the transport fares..

Medical cost in Singapore are also going up. It is very tough for the low income families especially when they have a prolong sickness.Most Singaporeans are insured under the Medishield or Private Shield plans (Health insurance plans).However, the premium rates of the plans depends a lot on the client’s age.The costs is lower at the younger age but increases sharply once you reach the age of 50.

Consumers have the choice of insuring under the basic MediShield plan or to buy a more expensive Private Shield plan.The Private Shield plan have a larger deductible amount but he has to pay a larger amount of the hospital bill and a higher premium.There is no need to buy a more expensive plan if the patient is willing to be treated in a subsidised ward and insured for basic Medishield.

Last week ,my daughter was warded to a hospital because she complained of stomach pain.She have been having stomach flu since the beginning of the month.

She was warded in a private hospital because she needed to go through more intensive checks to find out the root cause of her stomach ache.She was diagnosed to have been infected with Helicobacter pylori. (a type of bacteria that entered the body and lived in the digestive tract.

The cost of staying in a private hospital is $2000 per night (exclude medicine and Doctor’s consultations). Thank God that her hospital bill is covered under by her insurance plan.



What is Contentment? Is it just staying in your present financial condition like the lyrics of the song “”Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be, the future is not for us to see, Que sera sera…?

Definition of Contentment

Contentment is an attitude toward life that recognizes our position in God’s plan for me. But where does God want me to be financially at this moment? Does He want me to be where I am now or He want me to start a business and generate wealth so that I can be a blessing to others.

The secret of contentment

We may be wealthy, giving generously to God’s work and knowing that we are in God’s will. On the other hand, we could be in poverty and sense God’s call and blessing on our condition. However, we cannot conclude that it is God’s will and feel contented if our poverty was due to the result of our mismanagement.

The secret of contentment is neither poverty nor striving to be rich. The secret is in understanding and accepting God’s economic will for our lives. It is the attitude of resting comfortably in the fact that everything belong to Him. He is the owner and we are the managers of the things that He have placed in our hands.

Thoughts about contentment

A group of Christians believe that we should live a life of poverty because material and wealth are bad for us. We should be poor and be like a doormat that anyone can walk over us.

Nowhere in the Bible is it taught that money is the root of all evil. The Apostle Paul taught that “the love of money”is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10).Material goods are tools that God gave to us to accomplish His purpose in our lives. If poverty were a symbol of our spirituality, then 80 percent of the world would be spiritual !!

With poverty, it also brings its dangers. Many people have stolen, lied and gambled away their hard-earned savings by giving the excuse that they were poor. It brings much temptation and violence as well. The problem is not in the money but the heart.

Another group of Christians treat God as if He were a genie in Aladdin’s lamp. They treated God like a ATM cash machine. If they want something, they just ask and claim in from Him. He must give it to us….

The Bible warns us “Do not love the world or anything of the world, If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in Him (1 John 2:15). It is important to discern the difference between simply having wealth and loving wealth. God never condemn wealth itself (He owns all) but He condemns putting wealth and possessions ahead of Him.

Contentment – definition from the Bible

Contentment was mentioned seven times in the Bible and six times it refers to money. The doctrine of contentment indicates that we must learn to be joyful in whatever economic position God has placed us in. Be it in wealth or poverty. It is not being complacent or resigning to ourselves. It is accepting what God has given to us with gratitude.


We should never equates contentment with laziness and hope things will improve. We should always strive to improve ourselves as God has given us potential that always exceed our present level of accomplishment. He wants us to work diligently and be good managers of what He has entrusted to us.





Biblical Money Principles


Money has been around since the beginning of time when stone age men started to do barter trade by exchanging food for clothes. Later on in history, people began to use precious metals like gold and silver as a means to trade and buy things. Currency (Paper money) came into circulation at a much later time.

Why talk about Money $$?

Many people say “We should not worry or talk about money. Why do we have to talk about it in church?” We should not be too worldly and money minded to talk about this.

In the world that we live in, the governments are always changing their fiscal policies. It changes so fast that we are unable to cope with our daily lives. In my country, Singapore, the cost of living is becoming more and more expensive by the day. For example, the cost of a cup of coffee costs about 80cts two years ago but it cost $1.20 now.

Fortunately, we have the Word of God to guide us. The Bible has 2,350 verses that talk about managing money and possession. God wants to reveal something important about our hearts. We need to be taught how He wants us to manage the things that He places in our hands.

Biblical Money principles

In the Gospels and in the parables, our Lord Jesus often uses money to illustrate ideas and concepts. Why did He talk so much about money? He talked about it and how to managed it. Not everyone knows how to plant crops and harvest it but everyone owns something or bought something.

Is money evil? No, it is a means of exchange but the way we manage it reveals our internal spiritual condition, our principles and values. How we spend our money? Did we spend it wisely? Did we buy things we need or instead of what we want? (consumer mentality) Did we give to the Lord generously for He loves a cheerful giver?

Biblical Principles of managing money

In the Bible, our Lord Jesus said,”Whoever can be trust with very little can also be trusted with much and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” Luke 16:10.

The concept of “with very little” can be applied both to our money and possessions. How we managed the “little” that is placed in our hands reflects our relationship with our Lord. We are called to be managers of the “little” that is placed in our hands God is the owner of all that we have because He is the Lord of all.

When we are irresponsible in the way we use our money, we show to the world that our Lord does not control our lives because we can spend our money any way we wanted it. We need to put the Lord first in money sense for our Lord Jesus warns, “No one can serve two masters, either he hates the one and love the other or he will be devoted to the one and despises the other. You cannot serve both God and money (Matt 6:24)

Ironically, many Christians treat money differently. They sing “Hallelujah!!” and shouts “Praise the Lord” in church on Sundays but keep their wallets during church offerings as if to say, “God, You are the Lord of my life…except my wallet, it is mine!!”


It amazes me to see how much the Bible talks about money, more than 2,350 verses related to managing money and possessions.Our Lord Jesus talk so much about money both in the Gospels and the parables. Am I contend with what God has given to me?

Have I learned to be happy even when I have to save to buy what I want? Would I be happy even if God did not answer my prayers for my wants?

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Hi & Welcome to my site !!            In the Bible, it is said that,”Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much” Luke 16:10.

As Christians, we are called to be good stewards for the Lord yet there are so many Christians that are not living the life that God desires us to live. I hope that my site will bring some insight into what the Bible talks about Stewardship.


I am from Singapore and is a Christian for the past thirty years. Have been to many trainings and was serving the Lord in the sunday school. We were taught that being “money minded” is being worldly but what does the Bible has to say about this?

One day, there was a seminar and subsequently a leading stewards courses conducted by Crown Financial Ministries in a local church. It was indeed an eye opener for me as we very seldom hears about sermons on money or financial matters from the church pulpit on sundays. I hope that I can share what I have learned about Biblical financial stewardship with you though my website.


As a believer, sometimes it is very difficult to make decisions relating to money. It is especially so when the income that you earns dwindles like the wind, living from one pay cheque to anoher. Some of us struggles to put the dollar into the offering bag when it passes us each sunday in church.

What does the Bible talks about giving? Is it a good idea to borrow money from the bank to buy a new house or car? I hope that this blog can be an encouragement to believers to manage the money that God has place in our hands for His glory !!


It is my goal that my blog that it will be a ministry to help believers to manage the resources that the Lord have entrusted to us and to be a good manager for Him.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy answer you.

God blesss,

Francis Pang