Biblical Prosperity

Does God want us to prosper? Of course He does, He want us to live our lives more abundantly (John 10:10).

In the Bible, it said,”Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly…..and whatsoever he doeth, shall prosper.” (KJV Psalms 1:1-3). In our modern age, there is so much talk about material needs and wants. In many churches, the “Prosperity Gospel” movement is gaining ground because it preaches that God is full of grace and He will give what we want, we just keep on believing and claim it by faith… How foolish!! How can we can never put God in a box and expect Him to give what we want. He is our Almighty God and the Creater of our universe. He alone decides what is the best for us.

Biblical prosperity is not just about material prosperity. It may be physical, spiritual or even emotional as well. It would be wrong to say that a brother or sister is not blessed by God because she is poor. How about those missionaries who sacrificed and gave their everything to go to another land to spread the gospel?

When we are generous and giving, God opens the window of heaven and pours His blessings on us. Proverbs 3:9 says we should honor God with our wealth and first fruits. Have we been faithful in doing that? We need to stop focusing on giving in order to get good luck, a better job or more money. God’s blessings can be material or something else. He is sovereign and He decides to whom He gives and what He gives. God will prosper us in the way that is best for us and His greater plan. Some may prosper financially, others spiritually, and others in the family or ministry. We need to say;”God, I surrender my finance and my life to you, have your way, Lord Jesus. Amen”

Implications of repealing the Section 377A of the Penal Code of Singapore


Last week, a Singaporean proposed to repeal the Section 377A of the Penal Code of Singapore. On surface, it looks normal and logical since the penal code was there for a long time and we seldom refer to this part of the law in Singapore. You may say; “What is so wrong if we repeal the Section 377A so that the LGBT community will have more rights and freedom?”

The implications of repealing the Penal code 377A are many.

If the law is canceled, it means that a gay person can get married to a same sex partner legally. They can apply for a new HDB (Housing Development Board of Singapore) apartment at subsidized rates just like any other Singaporean. Toilets will have no “Male” or “Female” signs on it. It will be gender neutral. Any man can go into the same female toilet as your wife or daughter goes. Your loved ones will be at risk of these perverts.

If your are a justice of peace or a church pastor and your refused to officiate a gay marriage, your can be jailed as it is against the law. As a business owner of a bakery or a florist shop, your will risk being sue and thrown to the jail if your refuse to do business with a gay person.

In the United States, small businesses are being sued, bankrupted and given death threats for not providing services for gay marriages. Instead of respecting someone’s religious values, the LGBTQ movement will sue these tiny businesses till they are bankrupted. Schools are indoctrinating students and educating them on gay rights. Schools are also being sued for not allowing kids to choose which toilet they want to use. The State of California tried to outlaw religious institutions from dealing with gender and gay issues. It affected counselors from given useful advice to those in need.

The LGBTQ movement is militant in nature. There are massive implications once they get the rights to marry. George Soros, the richest man in the world is a high advocate and supporter of the movement. The movement has deep pockets to sue institutions and governments. They will stop at nothing to punish those who dare to stand the ground. We need to consider all the implications instead of buying into the myths about equal rights to many for the LGBTQ.

Divided Loyalty

If you are the pastor or leader of a church, you should have heard one very common excuse from church members for not attending a church service or a cell meeting.” I am busy”…” I have to go somewhere…..”

One of the most obvious battleground of our divided loyalties is our finances. The way we manage our finances is an external expression of an inner spiritual condition. In a study conducted in the United States a few years ago, almost half (40 percent) of the Christians who participate in the survey admitted to spending more than they earned. In American Protestant churches, only 3 to 5 percent of its members give 10 percent or more of their income to the Lord’s work. 

I am not too sure of the Christian situation in Singapore though. The unfortunate reality is that the economic statistics inside the church are not much different from those outside. How sad it would have been if some unreached group in the mission field was not reached for Christ because of our hesitation to give on a mission Sunday in church !!

We are spiritual giants and shout “Amen, Praise the Lord !” in church but when it comes to our finances, many of us follow the same principles as our non Christian neighbors.In Luke 16:10, the Lord Jesus gave us the absolute principle of management. “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” The way we manage our financial life is often very secretive in our lives as it is mostly hidden from others. It is not as obvious as our participation in worship services or cell group activities. No one knows how we spend on our money. Even our spouses does not know how we manage our finances. But our Lord kept reminding us “Whoever can be trusted with very little…..”

On one side, we love the Lord and we want to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness first (Matthew 6:33).But on the other side, we can’t detach from the lures of this world. We want to serve God but we also want to look to the world’s enticements. Our churches are full of people with split personalities. On our side, we see a “Godly Christian””living his Christian life, On every Sundays, he goes to church faithfully and follows all the rituals and does what every good Christian should do…but on the weekdays, another person emerges, he does not behave as a Christian. he is arrogant and talks about how much he made from the stock market or what is the latest car model that he just bought.

We are called to be the Light and Salt of the world. When the salt loses its taste, it becomes useless and have to be thrown away. Let’s be the Light and salt that Jesus has called us to be…

Faithful Manager

In Psalms 8:6 to 8, the Bible said that,”God has made us rulers and managers over His creation. But what really is a manager? Is he to act like he is the boss of a company?

Does the manager have the right to throw his anger and start shouting at his subordinate? Or does he have a share of the company? The Webster’s dictionary defines the manager as ”one who manages the affairs or expenditures as of a household or client.” Some uses the word “steward”. It is the highest authority position after the owner.

When we received Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour, He not only gave us eternal life. He also made us to be His managers! We need to acknowledge that God owns it all and we need to give to Him all of our thoughts and tangible possessions, our money, time, talent and even our future. We have to testify that God indeed is the Lord of our lives through our actions. It is crucial if we want to experience the grace of God in our lives.

The Bible exhorts us to be faithful.” He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much, and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous manmmon, who will commit to your trust the true riches” Luke 16:10-11 (KJV). How do you know whether a person can be trusted or not? By observing his action, his attitude in managing the little things given to him. It is easy for us to be careless. Have you been faithful with what belongs to others?

Money is an important part of our lives. The way we manages it reflects who we really are. Let us be faithful with the money and be a good manager of the resources God has entrusted to us.